Taib?s daughter fails again in bid for an injunction against Swiss NGO

Sarawak Governor Abdul Taib Mahmud?s daughter Jamilah Taib and her husband Sean Murray has failed again in their bid for an injunction against Switzerland-based NGO Bruno Manser Fund (BMF) over alleged defamation.

On Wednesday, a Swiss Court of Appeal rejected their bid for an injunction to provisionally ban 255 publications linking her, her closest family members and her Canadian real estate companies, Sakto Corporation and Sakto Development Corporation, to alleged money-laundering and to grand corruption in Sarawak.

?We are delighted about this extremely clear and favourable judgment,? said Lukas Straumann, the executive director of BMF, in a statement today.

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How Much Did The ‘Sultans’ of Sarawak Receive In The Mulu Land Deal?

Records show that RM130 million has been raised by the controversial company Radiant Lagoon, which was secretly granted 4,500 hectares of forest land in 2008.

The combined US dollar and ringgit loans were registered last December, not long after the transfer of its shares from Governor Taib Mahmud of Sarawak?s son to new owners linked to the massive Double Dynasty logging and plantation business.

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The Thief Of Sarawak Has No Right To Talk of Rights

Sarawak Governor Tun Abdul Taib Mahmud today urged Sarawakians to support the state government?s efforts to reclaim their rights enshrined in the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63).

He said he believed that a delegation led by Chief Minister Datuk Abang Johari Openg will continue to take the interests and the development of the state into account in the negotiation to reclaim the rights from Putrajaya.

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Wealth Wins Political Favours For The Taibs In Canada…..

When reports emerged of a preliminary finding by the OECD (the international organisation which monitors good economic practice) that threatened to force the Taib family company in Canada to open its accounts to public scrutiny, SAKTO boss Hisham Murray appears to have picked up the phone to an influential friend in politics, according to a devastating article?by the Canadian news site Ricochet.

Murray (known by his birth name Sean) is married to Sarawak Governor Taib Mahmud?s eldest daughter, Jamilah and they have managed this branch of the Taib family investments in Canada, the US and Europe since leaving college in Ottawa, where they met in the 1980s.

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Raiding Paradise – How The Taibs Continue To Cash In On Sarawak’s Public Wealth

As the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission continue to drag their feet on furthering investigations into abuse of power by Governor Taib Mahmud, Sarawak Report can illustrate how one of Kuching?s newest developments was a Taib family money-making venture from start to finish.

It?s called ?Saradise? and located on prime land just five minutes from the Kuching airport. Saradise (a merger of the words Sarawak and paradise) is a 272 acre integrated township and its corporate video boasts of ?green credentials? using crass images of hornbills and lush rainforest to promote the urban site.

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Taib?s daughter’s firm, Sakto Corp fail in bid for an injunction

A Swiss court has ordered the Ottawa-based real estate group Sakto Corporation and its owners, Malaysian-Canadian entrepreneur Jamilah Taib Murray and her husband Sean Murray, to pay 166,000 Swiss francs (RM673,960) in damages to Bruno Manser Fund.

The Basel-based charity, named after missing Swiss rainforest advocate Bruno Manser, engages in rainforest protection and the rights of the indigenous peoples of the Malaysian Borneo state of Sarawak.

Jamilah Taib Murray is the daughter of Abdul Taib Mahmud, the current governor of Sarawak, who served as the chief minister of the state from 1981 to 2014.

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What Is Good For Taib Is Good For Sarawak? (Part 2/3)

The 2012 Territorial Sea Act motivated Taib for the first time to embark on his own local oil extraction on land.  He was venturing into oil and gas by the diminishing timber and volatile palm oil prices.

The timber of Borneo was almost expired (apart from thieving from national parks and across the border) and oil palm plantation concessions had been largely handed out. ?Phase 3? of Taib?s original plans to keep growing his multi-billion dollar personal empire was the industrialisation programme called SCORE (Sarawak Corridor Of Renewable Energy).

However, SCORE was and is still struggling due to Taib?s failure as a business visionary. The damming up of Sarawak?s rivers has been controversial for countless environmental and community reasons, resulting in limited foreign investment.

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Explosive Revelations! Taib & Tiong pocketed USD150mil (RM650 mil) from Petros’ Oman deal (Part 1/3)

The close involvement of the Governor of Sarawak in this business venture of his son?s will come as little surprise to those who are aware of the blatant use the veteran kleptocrat has made of his family members to act as fronts for his global business activities.

In March 2016, the national Times of Oman newspaper reported that South Sea Energy, which it described as holding ?international expertise in the oil and gas industry? was finalising a major deal with the local Bank Nizwa to raise a $150 million financing arrangement (Sharia compliant, of course) to enable investment in Oman?s massive new oil exploration Block 17. The facility was granted to the Sarawak company in its capacity as a key partner in PetroTel Oman (PetroTel), the operator of the 2,378 square kilometre prospective oil field.

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AG urged to order probe into Taib Mahmud?s wealth

PETALING JAYA: The Attorney-General, Tommy Thomas, has been urged to scrutinise allegations about the vast wealth of former Sarawak chief minister Taib Mahmud ?with a view of at least investigating Taib?.

Bukit Gelugor MP Ramkarpal

Bukit Gelugor MP Ramkarpal Singh said that Taib should be prosecuted if the allegations were found to be true.

?That?s why it is imperative for Taib to be investigated. There are no two ways about it,? he told FMT in response to a statement about Taib by prominent activist Kua Kia Soong.

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