Tycoon in legal tussle over timber licences

A showdown between politics and business is set to unravel in the ?Land Below the Wind?.

Centred on Sabah?s lucrative timber industry, a legal tussle has begun involving the Parti Warisan Sabah-led state government, financially-struggling timber concessionaire Sabah Forest Industries Sdn Bhd (SFI), SFI?s receiver and manager Grant Thornton Consulting Sdn Bhd and Pelangi Prestasi Sdn Bhd, a company related to one of the richest bumiputras in Malaysia, Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Albukhary.

Also Involved in the suit is China pulp and paper company Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Ltd.

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This is why we still need the fake news act.

I hope Facebook takes action against the person who posted this message for insinuating that Petronas was linked to the incident. The incident is tragic and the people and families involved should not be trivialized. Stating that it happened in Terengganu on a Petronas rig is untrue and malicious.

The incident happened in the Persian Gulf and involved an Iranian platform in the Persian Gulf in 2013 and this is the video.

Pelantar minyak diluar pantai Terengganu tenggelam.

Posted by Kasi Viral on Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Sabotage attempt by Petros?