About Ngajat Sarawak

Ngajat is the traditional Iban dance performed by warriors upon a successful return from war. It is now a dance to welcome people during the Gawai Harvest festival. I have not yet returned or retreated from my battles against the unbelievable greed and theft of Sarawak’s leaders on our own land against our own people, wanton destruction of our ancient environment for mere billions and intellectual rape of my fellow Sarawakians.? However, I welcome you with an open heart to read, understand the contents in this blog and act accordingly to your conscience.


Regardless, please share this blog with your family, friends and acquaintance.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of?evil?is for?good men?to?do nothing. – Edmund Burke

I am?Richard Johnson. Retired Public Servant.? Married to socio-economic justice. My kids keep me sane. Econometrics will shape the wealth of nations. Data-driven discourse is the tip of the spear towards a fair distribution of resource and growing incomes. Integrity of public servants will determine the heights and depths a state can achieve.

This blog welcomes any of your articles or leak information that will help Sarawak transition from a greedy one man rule and his greedy cronies.