Where Has The Sarawak Oil Revenues Gone Over The Past 40 years?

Sammy Davis Jr, the American entertainment icon and member of the famous Rat Pack of Frank Sinatra, rose to the top of his profession with not one, not two but three talents – singing, dancing and acting. Unfortunately, he didn?t have the talent of what to do with all the money he was making. His widow, Altovise Davis lived out the last years of her life an alcoholic and a pauper.

Similarly, it is clear that Sarawak?s leaders over the past 45 years (from 1974) have similarly squandered the wealth from its abundant natural resources and left its Dayak people among the poorest in the Federation of Malaysia.

One may argue that the 5% royalty that it receives from its oil is pittance compared to the 100% that it should rightfully be getting. However, the 5% royalty is not a paltry sum and is on the average over RM1 billion annually.

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